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Sanford POWER

POWER Volleyball

Sports Performance Program


Sanford POWER:

Sanford POWER is the regional leader in offering individualized programming for athlete development, sport performance training and injury prevention.  Since 1999 we have provided the most comprehensive holistic programming for athletes of all ages and skill levels.  We integrate the latest in technology and scientific research combined with expert coaching to improve mobility, strength, speed, agility and explosive power.  Our Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists have over ninety (90) years of combined coaching experience.  Along with our orthopedic physicians, PT’s, ATC’s, Sports Nutritionist and the Sanford Sports Science Institute (SSSI), we offer the most integrated and comprehensive sports performance programming available. 



Customized performance programming designed for Pentagon POWER Volleyball athletes

● Emphasis:  Increase foundational strength to improve performance for female athletes

   Enhance quickness, speed and agility on the court 
Increase explosive power for volleyball
   Core strength and shoulder stability exercises to reduce injury
   Building self-esteem in young athletes
   Sanford Knee Injury Prevention Program (SKIPP)  

● Sports Nutrition education group presentation:
   Pre-practice/Pre-game Snacks
   Hydration Strategies
   Meal Prep Recipes

● Return to Performance programming (RTP) for injured athletes (additional fees)

● On site PT/ATC staff (Fieldhouse/Pentagon)

● Access to Sanford Sports Science Institute (SSSI) Services (additional fees):
   Hydration/Sweat Loss Testing
   Body Composition

   Nutrition Education