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Video Services

Video Services at the Sanford Pentagon

Sanford Pentagon adds Hudl to advance video services

The Sanford Pentagon has partnered with Hudl to access video capture and analysis services that will allow fans to watch live events and help athletes improve their skills and visibility. Hudl is a global leader in performance analysis, working with more than 180,000 global teams, from youth clubs to the pros.

The Sanford Pentagon is the first multi-sport club facility in the country to utilize Hudl Focus cameras and offer Hudl services to its basketball and volleyball teams. It’s all part of a club-wide subscription that includes Hudl’s coaching tools, Hudl Assist’s stat breakdowns and Focus smart cameras, which will allow parents and fans to livestream games and practices.

Sanford will be a testing and development partner for Hudl as it continues to revolutionize the use of video capture in sports. The groups will meet regularly to identify opportunities and improvements.

“During this time when attendance has to be limited, these services give families and fans the opportunity to still catch the action and cheer on their teams,” said Steve Young, president of Sanford Sports. “With added recruiting resources for athletes, we are breaking new ground to provide the athletes that step into the Sanford Pentagon the best opportunity to capture their accomplishments on tape.”

The range of the system will debut this weekend with the Winter Warmup, the home opening tournament of the Sanford Pentagon Volleyball Club. An event livestream will be available for visiting club organizations and fans.

Production of other livestreamed events will vary. All events will have live video, while some may also have live play-by-play or live stats. The minimum cost for an event will be $7.95.

“The Sanford Pentagon is a world-class facility which is making it easier for teams to develop and fans to stay connected with the action,” said Greg Nelson, Hudl Vice President and General Manager for Competitive Sports.  “Our mission is to make every moment matter and through the power of video capture and analysis, athletes are able to compete, improve, and get recruited. We are excited to share this vision with Sanford and build our partnership to impact athletes from all over the upper Midwest.”

Hudl is based in Lincoln, Nebraska and has six million users across more than 40 sports.

To learn more

Hudl’s club-wide package gives every team access to the same cutting-edge video analysis and recruiting resources. Coaches have the ability to self-scout their own game and practice film, then use customized feedback to teach their team off the court. When players have the chance to learn from video, they’ll be better equipped to develop their skills on the court and reach the next level.

Learn more about what Hudl can do for your club at


If you are having trouble viewing a stream, refer to this page for information and use the "help" link on the right side. There you'll find a number of helpful answers to common issues. If you're still having trouble you can send an email at or call (877) 778-7382.


Will there only be live video? What about live audio or live stats?

The production level will vary by event based on a number of factors. All events will have live video, while some may also have live play-by-play or live stats. That will be identified in advance of the event by a variety of factors.

How much will it cost to watch these live streams?

The price will vary based on the type of event. The minimum cost for an event will be $7.95. Typically, streams will be set up by event - so there should just be one charge to watch an entire tournament, for example, rather than creating game-by-game charges within a single event. 

Will the costs be recurring?

No. You'll only be charged once.

Can I buy a subscription?

At this time, we are not offering subscriptions.

Why are you charging for live streaming?

There are costs associated with the equipment, services and people-power required to create this capability. 

Will schools or media outlets be allowed to stream these same events?

School live streams will be handled on a situation-by-situation basis. But media outlets will not be allowed to live stream events that are being live streamed by the Pentagon.