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Thomas Club

Thomas Club Story


Thomas Club had its roots in the childhood of its founder, J.C. Chambers. In a household where a thanksgiving meal was simply too elaborate to afford, he was amazed at how God provided. His grandma had a great relationship with Father Brady who took special care of his family and made sure they always received a basket for Thanksgiving dinner.

The founder of Thomas club simply wanted to give back. If he could grow up in the inner city of Denver and had the means to do so, he wanted to continue the blessing of generosity that he and his family received. He said,  

“It was because of generous folks that gave what they had to me that I’m where I am now. One of the generous memories I’ll always have is getting our Thanksgiving meal given to us by the church. I would get up Thanksgiving morning and there would be a basket with a turkey and all the fixing. As humbling as it was to “have to receive” the basket, I was also thankful for the meal and the joy it brought my family.”

One idea is all it took. The Thomas Club was born out of the desire to bless families through the gift of a meal.  They started out with 10 families and soon were able to provide meals to over 700 families since 2017.

The name Thomas carries much weight. Not only was it the name of our founder’s beloved grandmother but, it represents grace, love, hospitality to the outsider and hope. The name Thomas represents the gospel--it represents Jesus. Thomas Club is one of the many ways we honor the saints who have come before us, who instilled in us the foundations of our faith and our lives. 

- Thomas Club

On July 8, 2018, my dad, JC Chambers was suddenly and unexpectedly taken from our family. My mom and I had literally just gotten off a boat from a vacation we had been planning for six months. We were 16 hours away from home. The morning that my dad died, he was coaching basketball, doing exactly what he loved to do. As he was warming up his team for a morning game at Augie, he suddenly started having chest pains and shortness of breath. Immediately an ambulance was called and all measures were taken to help my dad. When the ambulance arrived, the medical team did what was within their power to do. He didn’t make it to the hospital. My dad died from a pulmonary embolism, a massive blood clot that was blocking both of his lungs. He loved serving others, he dedicated his life to it. He loved coaching young women, maybe more than even being a counselor. And he was VERY good at both. The Thomas Club, is named in his grandma’s honor, exists to serve those that are less fortunate. Combining his love for coaching young women and service, having the Pentagon Volleyball Club serve on behalf Thomas Club is something he would be, and I’m sure is, very proud of.

Pentagon Volleyball Family, on behalf of myself and the rest of the Chambers family, we thank you.


-Alyssa Chambers