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Pentagon Progression League

This league has the perfect mix of skill development, concept training, and LIVE game competition. You will NOT be missing out on the action with this league.

Sometimes players just need more time to develop. Whether the player is lacking some playing experience, needs to enhance their skills or maybe just hasn't hit that growth spurt yet - They still need a chance to play!

Unfortunately, most of the time these players get stuck on a 5 on 5 team that doesn't best fit their development needs and it ends up being long and rough season. We want to fix that. 

This is why we created this league.

Grades: 5th-8th

Teams will be placed and put together prior to the league.



Already have a youth team? 

Sign up your team to compete in the league! Bring your own coach and wear your own jerseys. Sign up using the same registration link.




March 26th - June 13th

GRADES: 5th-8th

League is FULL!

Practice Dates:


March 26

April 2, 16, 23, 30

May 21, 28

June 4

Sunday Evening Games:


April 4, April 18

May 9, May 16, May 23, May 30

June 6, June 13


About the league:

The Pentagon Progression League was created to help give players an opportunity to truly develop their game the right way. In this league, players will grow their game through various ways:

- Team Practices

- 3 on 3 Academy

- Read and React Mini Camps

- 16 game schedule (5 on 5)

Game Schedule:

Each team will get 2 games per game week and will play 16 full games throughout the season.

These games will be coached and reffed just like regular games. Score will be kept and it will have the same rules as normal games.

- 8 weeks

- 16 games

- Full Games

- Coaches / Refs

Team Practices:

Each team will be assigned a coach. They will practice 1x a week for 1.5 hours covering team concepts and skill development. 

Practices will be focused on putting players through competitive drills that will better prepare them for the future. 

- Man to man defense

- Motion Offense 

- Pick and Roll / Off ball screening

- Pass and Cut

3 on 3 Academy:

If you are a part of our Progression League, you will also be able to participate in our 3 on 3 academy for free. 

Our 3 on 3 academy runs 1x a week for 1.5 hours and will give players more simplified playing experience. 3 on 3 is great because it creates more spacing and opportunities for the players. It also puts the ball in the players hands more which will give the players more decision making experience.