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Private Workouts


Private Training

Our development training is focused on attention to detail. Our coaches are able to breakdown players games and help them develop into well rounded players.

- Footwork breakdowns

- Shooting motion development 

- Ball handling keys

- Change of pace and direction 

- Finishing essentials

We also spend time teaching the concepts of basketball as well. The how, when and why of the game. We want you to be able to go back to your school team with improved skill work and a better understanding on how to help your team win.



Private 1 on 1 Workouts

1 Session - $60

2 Sessions - $120

4 Sessions - $240

Small Group 2-9 Players

1 Session - $30 Per Athlete

2 Sessions - $60 Per Athlete

4 Sessions - $120 Per Athlete

Benefits of small group training -

  • Get to watch & learn from other peoples reps
  • Live competition drills
  • Partner drills
  • Game action drills
  • High quality reps because of break in between reps


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